June 2003

The Crash


So here's a new story:


I had a sailboat delivery to Mobile [good thing] and I planned to ride my bike back to St. Pete [very good thing], even though I get airfare [excellent thing] as part of the captain's wages. Everything went perfectly until I tried to leave Mobile.

Big crash. [Bad thing]

Ambulance ride. [Not fun]

Face surgery. [Least amount of fun one could have]

Still need to see a dentist for tooth trauma as soon as I can open my mouth far enough to let him in. [worst thing]


Cycling advice for 2003: when your front wheel gets jammed in a storm drain at high speed, do not take impact entirely in the face.

i.e. DO NOT eat pavement.


Fortunately (?), my bike  :-(   & I hitched a ride directly to St. Pete in a pickup truck the very same day, so I am recouping aboard Windigo.


At least it is sunny and beautiful here. Big 2-week-long music festival at the park on the shore right by us. HUGE fireworks over the boat last night. Nice.


I am sleeping and healing [and eating a lot of Jell-O]


Ride safely,

Capt. (Crunch) Kevin


p.s. The bike is off to England for repairs. We might float around in Tampa Bay for a bit longer.

Photo of the bike attached.


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