19 OCT – 23 OCT 2001


Kentucky Lake


A typical day on our atypical journey


An atypical day on our typical journey:


Friday: Awoke at 0730hrs and straightened up around the cabin, AND on the deck ‘cause it wasn’t too cold for this early, 15° C. [or about 60° F.]. Make a log entry recording all systems status. Have a bit of breakfast, and ready Pedigo for a shore landing.


Referring to the charts and perhaps an inland waterway cruising guide or pamphlet, we sometimes plan to visit a land-based tourist site – today’s is the Land Between the Lakes North Station Welcome Center. We usually drag our bikes with us for long distance transportation, but I figure the Welcome Center is only about 3 miles away through the woods, and the hike through the autumn forest would be very nice.


As it turns out, 30’ from where we land Pedigo there is a mountain bike single-track trail – pristine and completely undeveloped (single-track.JPG). Wow! Other than a couple rooty sections and a couple creek crossings, we could have slowly navigated our Moultons along quite nicely. [I have ‘stumbled’ upon MANY mountain bike experiences since then, whether I wanted to or not! – sometimes the “road” just doesn’t go where I wanna go.] But it was a great hiking trail, too; Winding along the shore and straight up to the Welcome Center parking lot (KL&KJ visitor center sign.JPG).


Very nice federal facility (KL north welcome station.JPG), we gather pamphlets for upcoming stops, I use the hot water [luxury] in the restroom to wash my hair & shave, pick up a free USA Today, and buy a snickers bar to fuel the walk back.


In the woods, we snap pictures of mushrooms for later identification [one of many hobbies], take side trips to the cliffs (Kentucky Lake.JPG) and beaches (Kentucky Lake beach.JPG & Kentucky Lake sandstone cave.JPG) along Kentucky Lake, and greet a couple mountain bikers. (Kentucky - it's NUTS.JPG)


Upon returning to Windigo, we stow our land gear, make a log entry to check systems, and relax with the newspaper [another luxury]. Hunger begets our typical mid-afternoon big meal of the day, today featuring asparagus and tomato sauce over pasta, seasoned with cilantro, oregano, lemon-pepper & tobasco. Fruit smoothies with brown sugar & vanilla provide the drink and dessert. While we had the alcohol range pressurized & heated, we boiled a dozen eggs for snacks in the coming days.


A scrabble game provides a backdrop during dinner clean-up, a little silicone sealant-on-the-compass project, securing Pedigo on the davits, reading every word in the USA Today, a bit of studying for my captain’s test & planning tomorrows route.


This pretty much concludes the day, as we are whipped from all the fresh air, strenuous thought and physical activity. We are asleep before 2100hrs. Life aboard ship is exhausting! (Kentucky Lake sunset.JPG & night bridge.JPG)




Saturday: Awoke a little later and sailed on Kentucky Lake to our next stop. First FULL day of sailing in a LONG time! (Kentucky Lake sailboats.JPG)


Sunday: Visited another forest service visitor center, then went on a 50-mile bike ride through very pretty autumn colors along the rolling hills of Kentucky. (bike ride.JPG & farting cops.JPG)


Monday: Motor over to Paris Landing State Park Marina and top fuel tanks with [cheap] diesel and [free] water. Usually I cart 6 gallons of diesel on my bike every trip into town because the fuel is more inexpensive at a land-based station than at a ‘marina’ - by about a dollar a gallon! But the state-owned facility had less-than-gas station prices [no road tax]. We had 30 gallons of water remaining in our 130-gallon tank. The last time we added water was in Milwaukee on 2 September; 100 gallons potable, fresh water used in seven weeks without ‘conserving’, but definitely not ‘wasting’ - better than I thought.

We left the marina and motorsailed another 8 nautical miles to Leatherwood Creek Bay to anchor. (Kentucky Lake colors.JPG)


Tuesday: Leatherwood Creek has a shallow, narrow entrance and is quite long.

It turns out the moisture-laden warm front that has been bringing us warm, breezy days is due to pass through tonight, pushing a bit of wind & rain storms ahead. The wind will be opposing us and gusty. The cold front is following close, so not much of a break until the temperature drops and we get a day of thunderstorms. Could be up to three days of windy, rainy, getting-colder-with-lightning weather. Think we will stay put in this very nice bay until that’s all over. I feel a scrabblefest coming . . .