5 NOV Ė 9 NOV 2001


The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway (Tenn-Tom) canal section


After a very nice stay at the cotton springs dock near the Jamie Whitten Lock, we expected to start roughing it once again. Not so, we delightfully discovered.


We had scouted up to the next lock with Pedigo, so we knew the next stop would be near Fulton, MS and the Jamie Whitten Visitorís Center. (Jamie Whitten was a very prominent MS senator and a major proponent of the Tenn-Tom Waterway construction project; so much so, that he is nearly given full credit for its completion.)


We flew full sails all day and locked through three locks. We anchored near a boat ramp at the park with the visitorís center. After scouting with Pedigo, we moved Windigo to a 250í dock right at the visitorís center the next day, and stayed there for four days Windigo @ Whitten Center.JPG. It was a short ride to downtown Fulton, and the park had hot showers & the keen visitorís center.


One day, we made the 25-mile trek to Tupelo, MS and the birthplace of Elvis. Interesting terrain, small farms, and little traffic marked our route. Most of the time we enjoyed the beautiful wooded surroundings quiet mooring, and HOT showers. We completed a few boat projects, and started a couple more.


When we left Fulton, we locked through two more closely spaced locks and headed for Aberdeen, MS. although we are not in the Caribbean with its countless nude beaches, Mississippi still has a naked lady.JPG.


We seem to be slowing down considerably. The perfect [free] accommodations, warm & dry weather, and constant flow of interesting points-of-interest have caused us to only plan on moving about 20 miles after we stay put for several days. Or could it be the adaptation of the liveaboard attitude? Windigo @ long dock.JPG


Kevin & Karin Hughes
S/V WindigoIII

If this is roughing it, I couldnít stand luxury . . .





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